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Association learned in the lions dyeing, printing and dyeing enterprises substantial fort, Fort Wu, Jin Shang-controlled locations most 3 sets yesterday officially began. It can be reported that the lions in the textile and garment industry chain sub-sectors, the printing business will be the initial market group began. Introduction of a printing organization executives, though officially started, but to reach typical production levels, but in addition about per week. Have to initial detect a number of gear, maintenance and commissioning, to ensure security in production; group to conduct personnel adjustments, some of the new employees in to the plant but in addition for short-term coaching; There's a procedure ...... assure orders Soon after the typical order of production commence. In recent years, the manufacturing sector human resource lions happen to be tense, but generally worry-free printing and dyeing industry shortage of workers, about a week after the get started time of each and every year, the fundamental production employees positions could be put in spot. Only general workers have jobs shortfall, but will not have an effect on the regular begin of production. A lot of the staff positions dyeing basic workers higher mobility, and technical staff positions in the year are extremely stable. Compared together with the printing and dyeing sector, lions downstream textile and apparel sector will begin significantly later, right after the general to become the Lantern Festival, frontline staff will continue into the plant, the majority of Shishi clothes enterprises for the twenty-first month only following standard production.

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