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In 2002, working from Eraker’s apartment in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, Eraker and his companion, Michael Dougherty, an electrical engineer with a level from Yale, struck upon the thought of displaying properties for sale on a web-based map. This was earlier than the introduction of Google Maps ( GOOG ) or Microsoft’s ( MSFT ) Bing Maps, and the early Redfin engineers spent much of their time licensing mapping data and figuring out the right way to http://offshorechina.net/2014/03/04/praca-licencjacka-w-jezyku-angielskim-z-nasza-pomoca-to-nic-trudnego/ - praca magisterska po angielsku enable customers to zoom down from aerial views into specific neighborhoods to see the homes on the market, without requiring the complete Net page to reload in a browser.

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